Pay 50% as a deposit when you place the order

Call the store to verify the discount, total cost and place your order

Wait 5-7 days for a call from us letting you know your delivery is in the store.

EXAMPLE: If you have an order for 180 lbs. of Angus Ground, 60 lbs. of Bison Steaks (mix 'n match) and 20 lbs. of Elk Steaks:

You will get 20% discount on the Angus Ground, 15% discount on the Bison Steaks but no discount on the Elk Steaks because you did not meet the required minimum for Elk Steaks.

Read the instructions on how to place a BBC order and then submit a request for a quote on this form.

REPEAT - Monthly or Quarterly depending on how much you purchase

We want to make it easier for everybody to eat healthy and nutritious "clean" meat and fish. 

So, we came up with our Bulk Buy Club - get together with friends and family, buy in bulk and get 15% or even 20% in savings.

You get the people, we provide the meat and the savings.

You've tried the rest, now you can AFFORD to try the best!

Come into the store within 48 hrs., pay the balance remaining and pick up your order

Distribute high quality, nutritious and healthy meat, fish and other products to the family and friends in your BBC

Here's how you use the BBC program. 

Stash some Cash...with BIG savings from our B.B.C.

Match your totals to the charts on the right and see what level of discount you qualify for.

Decide how much product (Ground Meats, Steaks, Hotdogs etc) each member wants and calculate the total required.

Ask family, friends, book clubs and any other people you can think of to join you in your BBC